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I'm leaving ...tear [Saturday
12:14pm June 25th]
[ mood | Packing is a bitch ]

Since school ended, we are officially Juniors aka UPPERCLASSMEN. It doesn't really feel different from being a sophomore but what can you do.

I went to graduation yesterday. Boring shit I must say, especially when you are smushed in between the old folks and dayna chadick's family aka the most fucking annoying/jappy/retarded family ever. I wanted to die. And because my family is weird my mom felt in necessary to write down the college that every student is going to. No joke, i can show you the graduation booklet. Afterwards we went to some restarurant with the family andi saw my uncle and aunt that i havent seen in forever. My aunt looked different. Maybe its because she had plastic sugery!!! ahhh it ws freaky and she was talking to me about it and how all her friends get this and that procedure done. all in all it was just weird shit.

We didnt get home until after midnight and i was so tired that i just went to sleep, without packing. And i leave today and I'm still not packed. Pakcing is really overrated. Since registration already started and my mother isn't here to drive me up and I'm only half way packed, I'm probably going to be late. The real question is when am I not late? Exactly.

Well i need to showeer and pack. Peace out for 3 weeks.
Ahh shizzle.
-one love


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School's Almost Over Bitches! [Wednesday
9:27pm June 22nd]
[ mood | I am super thanks for asking ]

I would like to announce that it is really really ridiculously HOT that school will be officially over tomorrow!

BUTTTTTT (no not BUTT but BUT) sadly, this means that i still have to take Math Be Regents(Damn you Tiki...Damn you I say!!!!!!!) But instead of studying like the good SIGer I am, I am doing this and other various tasks at the same time.

Alrighty then - A Recap of the day for those who care to know about a day in the life of Arielle:
-Hmm...I woke up and almost shat myself after realizing that I had to take the chem regents in but a few hours.
-I get to the high school and realize i forgot my calculator. Kaneesha and I decide to find Shanker so that I can jack one of his but alas we end up just running around like complete idiots for about 5 minutes because (a)Shanker wasn't even in his room and (b)we are a pair of crazy mofos.
-The test was OK - even though i thought the multiple choice was more challenging than the long answers which i unusual because i always find the multiple choice easier. But whatever. Who cares. Loser.
-Then Kaneesha, Alex, and I walk to Hallmark where Kaneesha bought a Barbie box for Josh. HaHa. After laughing at the massively retarded anniversary cards and the old people we left and proceeded to Carvel where i jacked most of Kaneesha's and Alex's sundaes =P.
-I get home, eat Valencia's and take a nap. Because I'm a bum like that.

WOW...that was the longest entry I ever wrote in my life! Mommy wow I'm a big kid now. Holler.

And now i will end this shit because i do not want to fail the regents tomorrow.
Off to more studying...Math Bers REPRESENT.



Peace out my shizzles--

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These are her confessions.. [Monday
12:28pm June 13th]
Well, this is Kaneesha updating on behalf of Arielle. She was watching some crazy ass ping-pong video with CRAZY ASIANS in it. It was tres funny. Yup.

Anyway, Arielle says that she likes to take it up the butt. Also, heroin Excedrin is her drug of choice. And she would like to profess her undying love for Terri Schaivo.. whose LiveJournal can be found at username: terrischaivo. ♥

Peace out girl scout.
Kaneesha, aka Arielle for these past like, 3 minutes

PS. And Arielle still likes to take it up the butt.
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11:28am June 4th]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow that was fun!
Yay for updating, even though this doesnt really count
yay for school almost being over
summer is so close biotches
i can taste it...yum

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8:27pm April 28th]
[ mood | cracked outtt! ]

first real entry...holler arielle is in the house!! ok. this was my day:i had to wake up early - not cool
i also had a really really really really ridiculously odd dream very scary. to make a long story short it consisted of scary men in white suits.then i had to go to practice - also not cool. i fell...and bounced off my head and almost killed myself. then i went home and kaneesha and emily came and we tie dyed. it was hot. i have hot socks and shorts that say holler back. speaking of that HOLLER BACK. ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta for now.

p.s. kaneesha says i have entry add, because i left half my sentences undone. maybe its the loads of dye we have on our hands and swimming in our bloodstream because we were retarded and didn't wear gloves.. maybe. and actually, this is kaneesha typing.. only retarded typing. watch for us in the halls of lhs with our dye-stained hands. unless ryan's mother's genius plan of sticking our hands in diluted clorox solution actually works. in which case you won't see us. but that's ok. peace.

p.p.s. maybe arielle will get better at livejournal.. hopefully, because its really fun.. duh

PLEASE GOD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO DO LIVEJOURNAL (inspired by real world/road rules/battle of the sexes II/whatever other retarded show they include today)

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